I am a certified Level I instructor of Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I have been practicing this form of yoga for the past 16 years. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga for Awareness. Why is that? The practice raises one's awareness of the multidimensional nature, of the energy body and the subtle spiritual realms. Through the use of sound vibration, breath control, precise body movements, hand gestures and eye focus, the technology of KY enables the practitioner to overcome any obstacles and attain greatness. I offer private home instruction as well as group classes and workshops.

My story was published last year by the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA).  Please click on this link to read all about it: http://www.ikyta.org/articles/how-kundalini-yoga-saved-my-life

For an up-to-date schedule of classes, go to the Kundalini Yoga Palm Beach County meetup
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